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Member of the Organizing Committee of the Workshop in honour of Prof. Víctor Hugo Ponce, "Advances in atomic collisions and particle-surface interactions" (Bariloche, Argentina, 2011).
Member of the Organizing Committee of the School "José Antonio Balseiro" 2007 in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics.
Member of the Organizing Committee of the "Amicis Festum" in tribute to Prof. Carlos Roberto Garibotti (Bariloche, Argentina, 2007).
Teaching of a Course on Rational Mechanics for University Professors. Project FOMEC 331 "Improvement of the teaching quality and development of scientific structures in Physics", University of Litoral (Santa Fe, Argentina, 1999).
Course on Classical Theory of Atomic Collisions, National Meeting of the Atomic and Molecular Physics Division, Argentine Physics Association (Villa Giardino, Argentina 1994).
Course on Atomic Collisions, PhD programme in Material Science (University of Alicante, Spain, 1990 - 1991).

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