Licenciado(M.Sc.) in Physics, Balseiro Institute (University of Cuyo, Argentina), December 1982.

Medal to the best grade of the 25th promotion 1982, Balseiro Institute (Professional Association of the National Atomic Energy Commission).

With 9.76 points over a 10.00 scale, this still represents the third best average grade ever obtained by a student of the Balseiro Institute.

Licenciatura Thesis: Aproximación de dispersión múltiple y efectos de apantallamiento en el proceso de captura al continuo (Multiple Scattering Approximation and Screening Effects in the Capture to the Continuum Process), Supervisor: Carlos R. Garibotti.

Ph.D. in Physics, Balseiro Institute (University of Cuyo, Argentina), August 1985.

Ph.D. Thesis: Efectos no lineales en la ecuación de Boltzmann (Nonlinear Effects in Boltzmann Equation), Supervisor: Carlos R. Garibotti.

Master in Philosophy and History of Science, Faculty of Human Studies (University of Comahue, Argentina), December 2003.

Master Thesis: "De la luz corpuscular a la materia ondulatoria": Estudio comparativo de dos campos controversiales ("From Corpuscular Light to Undulating Matter": Comparative Study of Two Controversial Fields), Supervisor: Oscar Nudler.

IOP Learning Online (Institute of Physics, Great Britain), 2012.

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